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At the Jam Details

Specifics about being at the jam.

Daily Schedule

  • A simple breakfast is from 8:30 to 9:30
  • Morning jam starts at 10 am with a volunteer-lead warm-up followed by an open jam.
  • Lunch is 1 pm to 2 pm.
  • The group gathers daily after lunch to go over plans, questions, suggestions, and etc.
  • Afternoons are opportunities for jamming, structures, and exploration. We invite proposals before and during the jam for activities that help gather jammers for dancing, and schedule the activities we choose at the after-lunch group gatherings.
  • Dinner is 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • Evening jamming is generally 8 pm onwards.
  • All daily-schedule activities are optional - not mandatory, but opportunities to play and explore with enthusiastic jammers.

Dance Barn: The Octagon

  • Most jamming happens in a dance barn that's around ½ mile from Mansion residence, where meals happen. It's a pretty 15-minute walk, or a quick and simple drive.


  • Delicious vegetarian meals are part of the package.
  • They include a simple breakfast and full lunch and dinner.

Indoor Residence

  • We stay in shared dormitory-style rooms of a Georgian style brick mansion - see the "Staying at the Mansion" section of Claymont's guest-rooms page.
  • There is internet Wi-Fi in the mansion and dance barn, but it can be uneven.
  • Bedding is provided, but bring a sheet and towel if you prefer to avoid $5 towel/sheet rental.


  • Camper can choose spots almost anywhere across an extensive rural estate.
  • Many choose spots around a large field that constitutes the Mansion's backyard. There are also woods of various densities nearby and scattered across the estate grounds.
  • Campers have full access to the mansion for everything except their own bed for sleeping.
  • Signing up as a camper entitles you to a discount. Changing your mind, including needing to crash indoors to escape weather means you'll need to pay the difference for a full mansion stay. Please note that this is only an option when there are beds still available, as Claymont is not allowed to have people overnight in common spaces.


  • Near the dance barn there's a wooden shack that houses a wood-stove sauna, above, and a small stream-filled cool dip below. The group keeps the stove stoked through much of the jam, so it's available (and much used) between dances.
  • Clothing is optional.
  • For sauna visits bring a towel and some drinking water.


  • Balance payment: The organizers send balance info soon after you register, and balance in-full is due at least a week before the jam starts - or earlier, if you wish!
  • Dishes: We get a substantial group discount for cleaning our own dishes and helping with meal set-up and take-down (see Community work hour, below).
  • Community work hour - Each jammer signs up for ~one hour slot - usually less but never more. Most work slots are meal set-up or take-down.


  • The jams happen during season change, so it can sometimes be warm and sometimes quite chilly - sometimes both in the same day.

Things to Bring

This list is not complete - just some suggestions including items that might otherwise be overlooked

  • Of course, Dance clothes, lots of socks, knee pads if you use them
  • Water bottle and backpack
  • Rain gear and mix of clothes for warm and cool climates
  • Boots, jacket, hat, umbrella if you use one
  • The walk between the mansion and dance barn is substantial, so provide for walking on muddy paths in case it rains.
  • Sleeping gear and toiletries
  • Blankets and pillows are provided, but sheets and towels cost a small added fee, which you can avoid by bringing your own.
  • Bring a towel (whenever you travel - HHGTTG (-: ), maybe two if you want a separate one for the sauna
  • Musical instruments - anything that lends itself to improvising
  • Eagerness to Dance
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