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Jam Residence Essentials

Guidelines and Tips for your time at the jam

This page is for guidelines and tips for your stay at the jam. (See the Transportation Info page for clues about getting there.)

Guidelines for a Habitable Jam

  • Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with each other (four days can be a lot of dancing and living with new people!-)
  • Show up on-time for your community work shift.
  • Conserve fuel, turn off your room and the barn heat when not in use.
  • The mansion conducts sound, keep late hours in the mansion quiet.
  • Shoes off inside the mansion (indoor slippers/etc ok).
  • Remember to clean up after yourself
  • The mansion has been around quite a while, and fragile - treat it gently, please!
  • Any other suggestions or questions? Send us a comment using our contact page.

Stuff to Bring

Here's a list of things people commonly bring to the jam. Some are always essential (eg, dance clothes:-), some crucial for special conditions (eg, sunscreen and rain gear), and some just to suggest that you bring stuff you would especially enjoy.

Dance clothes
Knee pads, if you use them
Sleeping gear and toiletries
Blankets and pillows are provided, but sheets and towels cost a small added fee, which you can avoid by bringing your own.
Lots of socks
Rain gear
Boots, jacket, hat, umbrella if you use one... The jams happen during change of season, so it can be sometimes warm and sometimes quite chilly - sometimes both in the same day. The walk between the mansion and dance barn is substantial, so it's good to have some provision for walking on muddy paths, in case it rains.
Indoor slippers - for cold floors
Musical instruments
Anything that lends itself to improvisation.
Always useful. (-:
Hiking gear
Workshop appetites and resources
Massage Tables, Kites, Balloons, Watercolors and Pastels, Fun Costumes, Dance Mixes, ... :-)

There sometimes is a late-night session of the card game "Mauii". It tends to be a fairly casual version as described on Steve Harris' site; one variant of the myriad outlined in the Mao wikipedia entry.

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