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Fall 2010 was beautiful

attendance ranged between 25 and 35 people, lots of dancing, beautiful weather - lots. of. fun.

we had just enough rain to remind us of how great all the great weather was (and there was a lot).

we started with near 25 people and attendance ramped up to around 35, peak.  the first couple of town meeting rambled, and we touched on some hot topics along the way, but things settled into place. more importantly, in general there was a lot of dancing and a pretty open, easy going crowd.  (the georgia people arrived en-masse a few days in, and they only added vibrant energy to an already pretty vibrant crowd!)

the saturday night performances happened (solid and charming!), but for the first time in a long time we didn't do a boogie - we agreed to have more trance-y music, to make it more amenable to doing ci in the meanwhile.  that worked really well - many, even most people stuck around for a long time and danced, which hadn't been happening for a while.  the die-hards were treated, later, to a ramp-up to a boogie that fit everyone better than (in my opinion, at least) it would have earlier on.  (though mirabai's rousing open-sufi structure that ended the performance definitely left the crowd in high spirits!)

lets do that all again!-)

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