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Julie Mulvihill's Spring 2014 dissertation research project

Many of us know Julie Mulvihill from prior ECJs. She will be returning to the Spring 2014 East Coast Jam, this time pursuing research for her Texas Women's University PhD dissertation research: You, Me, and the Dance: Developing relationships in creating choreography. Here's how she will be engaging with the jam for the project.

Julie Muvihill, who has been part of sever EC Jams, will be joining us at the Spring 2014 jam in pursuit of her PhD dissertation dance research project: You, Me, and the Dance: Developing relationships. She is researching dance making and the role of relationship maintenance, sustenance, and creation in dance making processes, and wants to include Contact Improvisation at the ECJ as one of the "dance making sites":

"Jammers would be able to express themselves about the relationships they build while dance making -- this research is about dance making not only CI, so multiple perspectives on how dance is made is part of the study".

Per strict stipulations and ethics of academic research, any jammer's participation in the study will be strictly by their choice, and those who wish to actively participate will have to sign the consent form. (Copies will be available at the jam, but if you wish to see it in advance, this copy is available for download.) Many of us recognize that there is something in the CI process that is different - rare and special. This is an opportunity for those of us willing to actively participate to provide some view of that process, through the lens of her study.

She describes specifically what she will be doing at the jam in her descriptive scriptAs part of her research, in order to accurately notice and describe patterns for her study, Julie will be videoing 12 hours of the jam. The video will be entirely for her viewing, only. She will not be publishing examples from the video - "the video acts like data for me to make connections and develop theory". It "is a way to keep my own biases while observing in check".

We're honored by the opportunity to share our process of finding dance together, and our perspectives on the practice, via Julie's study. We hope, whether or not you choose to participate as a subject, that you'll enjoy the opportunity for our participation, as a group, in the wider discussion.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Ken and/or Jamie (see the Spring 2014 Jam event page contact info section).

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