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Julie Mulvihill's dissertation research project descriptive script

Julie Mulvihill will be returning to the Spring 2014 East Coast Jam, this time as part of research for Texas Women's University PhD dissertation research: You, Me, and the Dance: Developing relationships in creating choreography. This document describes how she will be engaging the jam for the project.


Title: You, Me, and the Dance: Developing relationships in creating choreography

Appendix E [This document is also available as an MS Word file download.]

Investigator: Julie Mulvihill………… or  336/255-4106
Advisor: Linda Caldwell, PhD  940/898-2093

I am researching relationships maintenance, sustenance, and development in creative process.  I am so excited to be a part of the next few days with you but I am going to do my best to stay on the edges of the practice, observing and recording but not interfering or intervening.  My research is not about the dance/movement you are making.  I am not here to judge you or the “goodness” of a product.  I am not here for that.  I am excited to witness your working and playing together and I hope you can have an experience without feeling inhibited by my presence.

I will be video recording the jam.  I am only using the video for my research purposes.  The video will not be shared in any way and it will be kept in a locked drawer in my private office until my research is complete at which time the video footage will be destroyed.  If you decide not to participate I will blurry you out so that you are unrecognizable and any comments you make will be stricken as unusable for this research.

After I have completed approximately 12 hours of  observations, I would like to have brief group discussion, approximately 30 minutes together, with anyone interested in exchanging.  The group discussion will also be recorded and then I will transcribe that conversation and send the transcription to you for your review.  Should you feel the need, you may edit or censor your own comments at that time.  The review of the transcription will take place one-on-one over email, unless you would prefer to work over the phone and through the U.S. Postal Service.

When we have finished the group discussion, I will invite volunteers for individual interviews that we will schedule for a mutual convenient time and place.  These interviews can be done on the phone or via Skype when the Jam is over.

The benefit of participation is being a part of a scholarly contribution to the discussion of choreographic practice.

If you elect to participate I will ask you to privately sign the consent form.  It is important we do this privately so that anyone who does not wish to participate does not feel uncomfortable.  At any time, questions are welcomed!

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