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Migrating site from Ning service to personally run site

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soon after i migrated the East Coast Jam site from my wiki to Ning, Ning changed their business model and priced what had been free to prohibitively expensive, so i'm migrating the site back to a platform that i operate.

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Aug 25, 2010
from 12:20 AM to 12:20 AM



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I spent a while developing a better organized and more interactive ECJ site on the free Ning service for the Spring, 2010 jam.

Only a few months later Ning informed its customers that they were doing away with all free plans (after serving free plans for at least a few years). The cost for features that would make it worth the while were way out of our league - $50/month, or $500/year.

Consequently, I am working on migrating the ECJ site back to my own host - this site, based in a prominent open source content management system that i work with, Plone.

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