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Spring 2014 Jam

April 9 - 13 2014, Claymont Court Estates, WV - about 1.5 hr car ride from DC

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Apr 09, 2014 01:00 PM to
Apr 13, 2014 10:00 AM


Claymont Mansion Dr, Charles Town, WV 25414

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Here are the details for the 2014 Spring East Coast jam.

Use the registration page to register and pay.

Official kickoff is Wednesday night, April 9 at 6:30 PM dinner. Jammers can begin arriving as early as 5:00. Contact us if you need to arrive earlier.

See here for info about Claymont Court Estates. See the East Coast Jam "About" pages to read about the jams and this site, in general.

During this jam we will have a special guest, bringing a special project. Many of us know Julie Mulvihill from prior ECJs. She will be returning to the Spring 2014 Jam, pursuing research for her Texas Women's University PhD dissertation research: You, Me, and the Dance: Developing relationships in creating choreography. Many of us feel that there is something in the CI process that is different - rare and special. This is an opportunity for those of us willing to actively participate to provide some view of that process, through the lens of her study. See here for details.


  • The cost depends on your attendance and how soon you register.
  • A bed in a shared room and delicious meals are included in the charges. (Meals are vegetarian, and entail simple breakfasts and intricate lunches and dinners.)
  • Blankets and pillow are included; sheets and towels are available for a small laundry fee, like $5 to $10 total.
  • Arranging to camp onsite reduces your cost by $20/night (but you need to pay the difference if you wind up crashing indoors to escape weather, etc., and we will probably not have spare beds).
  • Kids 11 and younger also get discounted food and lodging. Speak with the organizers (see below) to determine how that specifically affects your charge.

The baseline for on-time registration, before March 24, depends on how many nights you attend.

$350 Full Jam - Wednesday dinner through Sunday lunch
$290 3 nights - Thursday after lunch through Sunday lunch
$215 2 nights - Friday after lunch through Sunday lunch
$150 1 day - Saturday after lunch through Sunday lunch

You can shift to not attend through Sunday - eg, Wednesday through Saturday - but no skipping days, you must register for a contiguous block.

The actual cost depends on both your attendance plans and how soon you register. Here are the registration deadline offsets, with an example total based full-time attendance price:

Increase Amt Payment Dates Adjusted cost for Full Attendance
$0 Before March 23 $350 - on-time registration
+$50 March 23 until April 2 $400 - late
+$75 April 3 until jam beginning (April 9) $425 - avoid this option, don't delay!

All the above figures are reduced by $20 per each night that you camp, instead of staying in the mansion. (It also frees up beds in the mansion for other jammers, so more people can attend the jam.)

DEPOSIT = $50. The deposit  is refundable until the first fee increase deadline. It's not refundable after that point. Paying in full in advance can simplify things some, and everything besides the deposit is refundable until jam attendance. The balance is due on arrival. (Earlier is always appreciated.)

Workstudy: available, if we hear from you EARLY! Work study registration closes 2 weeks before the jam. Contact the workstudy organizer (see below) for details and arrangements.

How To Register

To register you must submit a completed registration form and pay at least your non-refundable deposit. You will also have to agree to and sign the liability waiver in order to participate at the jam. The registration page has complete instructions, including the registrar's address, but uses pricing, contact address, and other information from this page.

When you register you'll have the option pay online by regular credit card or paypal account, or by sending a check with your registration form.

Contact Info

To reach the 2014 Spring Jam organizers directly:

  • Jamie Elizabeth (Registration, etc): email, phone: 703 431-1316
    • Registration address, if not paying online:
      • Jamie Reynolds
        5160 Maris Ave
        Unit #400
        Alexandria, VA 22304

  • Ken Manheimer (Outreach, online tech and communications, finances, etc): email, phone: 202 525-6260
  • Page Ghaphery (Workstudy, etc): email, phone: 804 675-2485
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