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Spring 2022 Jam

April 13 - 17 2022, Claymont Court, WV - about 1.5 hr car ride from DC.

Event details


Dec 30, 2020
from 11:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Claymont Society, Charles Town, WV 25414

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Here's the 2022 Spring East Coast jam details. Note that we are making some special provisions, described at the end of this section, to increase latitude for those who register to deal with COVID uncertainties.

Note that Spring 2022 registration is closed.
Contact the organizers at if you have questions or special requests.

Official kickoff is Wednesday night, April 13 at 6:30 PM dinner. Jammers can begin arriving as early as 5:00. Contact us if you need to arrive earlier.

Our continuing mission: sharing Contact Improvisation. Bring your whole dancing self, share quests and questions, connect and explore!

See here for info about Claymont Court Estates. See the East Coast Jam "About" pages to read about the jams and this site, in general. To register, follow the instructions on our registration page - but please see the jam-specific details, below, first. (A copy of this page is included in the right sidebar on the registration page.) Registration rates are organized around the actual costs, which vary depending on when and how you'll be attending!

Spring 2022 COVID considerations and provisions

This is a complex moment in the COVID pandemic. A shift to endemic phase may be near, but we can't be certain of that. To allow latitude for this uncertainty we're changing our jammer cancellation policy for the Spring 2022 jam. Anyone who is registered can cancel with no penalty at any point up to 10 days before the jam – until April 3 – if they feel COVID situation requires it. No penalty means refund of the deposit along with any principal payment. Cancellations not related to COVID concerns or illness, etc are fully refunded for cancellations before March 28.

With the increased uncertainty there is also greater possibility than usual that the organizers and/or Claymont might have to cancel the jam, up to the jam start date. We will do our best to arrive at decision on or before April 4.

Note that our hosts currently require that all participating:

  • must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination on or before arrival.
  • must obtain a Covid test within 48 hours before arrival, and present proof of a negative test on or before arrival.
  • Anyone who cannot be vaccinated must show proof of a medical exemption prior to arrival.
  • Claymont may require wearing masks indoors. This will be based on current CDC recommendations.
  • We hope and expect that all will stay healthy and well while at the jam, but we can't be sure of that.  Everyone attending will agree that, should someone develop possible COVID symptoms:
    1. Anyone who is symptomatic should immediately self isolate and test, and notify the organizers immediately
      1. Everyone should bring at least one extra rapid COVID test to the jam.
    2. If someone tests positive or has distinct COVID symptoms (inability to taste or smell, for instance), for the safety of all participants that person must leave the jam.
    3. Depending on circumstances of the incident, those remaining at the jam may need to self-test.
    4. If the organizers feel that such an incident warrants, they may shut down the jam without possibility of refunds.

All of this is subject to change as conditions dictate at the time of the jam. It's possible that the requirements will ease, but any substantial policy changes will depend on consent of all registered jammers.

Cost and Payment

  • The cost depends on your attendance and how soon you register.
  • A bed in a shared room and delicious meals are included in the charges. (Meals are vegetarian, and entail simple breakfasts and full lunches and dinners.)
  • Blankets and pillow are included; sheets and towels are available for a small laundry fee, like $5 to $10 total.
  • Arranging to camp onsite reduces your cost by $20/night
    • Please let us know that you are camping when you register - there's a space on the form for that.
    • You'll need to pay the difference if you change your mind beforehand (let us know), or crashing indoors at the last minute to escape weather, etc.. (Be aware that we might not have spare beds for last minute changes, though that's unusual.)
  • Kids 11 and younger also get discounted food and lodging. Speak with the organizers (see below) to determine how that specifically affects your charge.
  • Note: The full balance is due a week before the jam.
  • A $50 deposit is required to secure your enrollment, with full balance paid by a week before the jam. The deposit is refundable until the end of the on-time registration period, around 2.5 weeks before the jam, or ten days before the jam if the cancellation is driven by COVID concerns.

Our baseline registration prices hold until before March 28, and they depend on how many nights you attend:

$470 Full Jam - Wednesday dinner through Sunday lunch
$390 3 nights - Eg, Thursday after lunch through Sunday lunch
or Wed. after lunch through Sat. lunch
$280 2 nights - Friday after lunch through Sunday lunch
or Thur. after lunch thru Sat. lunch
or Wed after lunch thru Fri lunch
$180 1 day - Saturday after lunch through Sunday lunch, or ...
  • You don't have to attend through Sunday. For example, your last day could be Friday or Saturday.
  • Registration must be for a contiguous sequence of days, you can't register to skip days in between.
  • Registration for any day starts after lunch. Our registration facility is organized this way - if you want to arrive earlier that day you need to bring your own lunch.

The actual cost depends on both your attendance plans and how soon you register. Here are the registration deadline offsets, with an example total based full-time attendance price:

Increase Amt Payment Dates Adjusted cost for Full Attendance
$0 On-time registration until Sunday March 27 end of day $470 - early-bird
+$50 Late registration Monday March 28 until registration closes, April 3 $520 - not early-bird (-:

Camping instead of staying in the mansion: reduces the charges by $20 per night. (It also frees up beds in the mansion for other jammers, so more people can attend the jam.)

DEPOSIT = $50. As mentioned in the Cost and Payment section above, the deposit is refundable for cancellation until the end of on-time registration, or ten days before the jam (April 3) if COVID concerns drive the cancellation. After the first fee increase deadline it's not refundable (except for COVID concerns or illness). Paying in full in advance can simplify things some, and everything besides the deposit is refundable until April 3, ten days before the jam, when the full balance is due. You can pay the balance online using our handy dandy Balance Payment Page or via a check. If you send a check, you must send it to arrive before April 3.


Workstudy: available but get in touch with us promptly. Work study availability closes 2 weeks before the jam. Contact the workstudy organizer (see below) for details and arrangements.

How To Register

To register:

  • Visit the registration page and follow the instructions, to:
    • Follow the link on that page to fill out our registration form.
    • Return to the registration page to pay at least your deposit. The deposit is refundable until the deadline for the first payment increase - see the table above for that date. You have the option pay online by regular credit card or paypal account, or by sending a check with your registration form.
  • Agree to and sign the liability waiver in order to participate in the jam. (We'll have some blank forms there, but bringing a signed one helps.)

The registration page has complete instructions, including a copy of this page squeezed into the right sidebar, so you have all these details available there.

Contact Info

To reach the Spring Jam as a group, send an email to, or to reach an individual organizer:

  • Jonathan DeVilbiss (Registration, etc): email, phone: (301) 602-7864
    • 44 Woodbine Ave.
      Northampton, MA 01060
  • Kathleen Hunter (Workstudy, etc): email, phone: (919) 360-8601
  • Ken Manheimer (Outreach, online tech, and communications/coordination, etc): email, phone: (202) 525-6260
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