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Path: Mansion / Dance Barn (Octagon)

The Walk from the Mansion to the Octagon (Dance Barn)
For sure travel on your first go, walk with someone who knows the way.

This route goes between the back porch of the mansion (where people eat lunch on warm days) and the Octagon (dance barn), which is the main place where dancing happens. Some highlights traveling from the mansion to the octago:

  1. Facing away from the back porch across the back field, head to the far right corner.
  2. At the far right corner, find a gap in the tree line, down a tiny hill, to a right on the orchard path.
  3. At the next corner of the orchard the path hits a T with another path - take a left there.
  4. Go around the field, heading right until you hit the gravel road.
  5. Follow the map around some turns, staying on the main gravel road (taking a sharp right at a house, instead of going to the house), and you'll find your way to the octagon.

Here's the base Google Map.

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