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Jam Registration

Register Here

Registration for the next jam is now open. This is where you will register for the next East Coast jam. The Fall jam will be from Wednesday evening, October 17 through Sunday afternoon, October 21, 2018. See details in the column on the right and please read the instructions - we want your registration to go smoothly! Please contact the organizers using address info in the right column if you have questions.

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Respecting Boundaries

Contact Improvisation is based around mutual cooperation rather than control. To work well it depends on respect for one another's boundaries, which we describe here. Please read, to help foster a good and safe jam!

Respecting Boundaries - Read More…

Liability Waiver

Every jammer must sign the Liability Waiver to participate. We'll have some to sign when you arrive, but it would help if you would print one out beforehand and bring a signed copy with you. Click on the PDF document below to download a copy.

Liability Waiver - Read More…

Online Payments

Various payments for registered jammers: Deposit, Other, and Balance.

Online Payments - Read More…

How to Use This Site

What is all this?

See the the home page intro and the "About" section.

When is the next ECJ?

See "Upcoming Jams" in the middle of the home page or the Upcoming Jams page.

How do I register for the next jam?

Visit the Jam Registration page.

What's new?

See the "Recent News" sidebar or the full list.

How do I contact someone about the site?

Follow the contact link at the top of any page.