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The Fall 2021 Jam is scheduled for from Wednesday evening, October 13, 2021 through Sunday afternoon, October 17, 2021. It's looking likely to happen, but what we have yet to determine what restrictions might be, the specific costs, when registration opens, and so on. See details in the column on the right. Registration will open a few months before the jam. When you register please read the instructions carefully.

Fall 2021 registration is not yet open. Please contact the organizers at if you have questions or special requests.

How To Register

For background info about the East Coast Jam, see the East Coast Jam "About" section. For specific info about the upcoming jam, including organizer contact info, see the jam event page.

To register for the East Coast Jam you must submit a completed registration form and pay at least the deposit. You can pay the deposit by credit card or PayPal online (via PayPal), or via a land-mailed check. The registration process will lead you to the payments page. In order for your registration to work well, please read the following instructions carefully! There's a discount if you register early enough.

  • Registration requires a $50 deposit. (This applies towards your total payment.)
    • See the Pricing and Schedule section, below, for payment details.
  • To participate you must agree to and sign the liability waiver. We will have copies to sign at the jam, but it would be handy if you can print one out and bring it with you.
  • To participate you also must formally agree to abide by the principles described in Respecting Boundaries. These principles help foster a good and safe jam for everyone, so please get acquainted with them!

Pricing and Schedule

  • See the jam event page for exact schedule and pricing details. (That info is also squeezed into the sidebar on the right.)
  • Your registration is secured by a $50 deposit.
  • The deposit and any additional registration payment is refundable until the end of the early-bird period, around 2.5 weeks before the jam.
    • The deposit is not refundable after the end of the early-bird period.
  • Balance payments above the deposit are refundable until a week before the jam.
  • The full balance is due a week before the jam.
  • The prices increase as the jam approaches, so register early to save money
  • You can pay online with a credit card or PayPal account, or you can pay by sending a check via land mail.
    • The registration process will lead you to the payments page.

Registration and Payment

To register you must complete our online registration form and pay at least a deposit. Completing the registration form will bring you to a confirmation message that includes links to our payments page, including on-line payments and instructions for paying by land-mailed check.

Registration is not currently open.

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